• Brand : youser
  • Designer : moo yeol Lee

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 6-3, Hwarang-ro 40-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-540-7544


  • Name : 이무열
  • Tel : 02-540-7544
  • Fax : 02-6944-8406
  • Email : youser.business@gmail.com
YOUSER is a combination of "you" and "user", the motive behind this is from a philosophical ideal about the importance of the relationship between the designers and consumers. YOUSER based on high-end street wear, men's and women's wear are divided. YOUSER is a global brand based in Seoul and Paris.
The designer of YOUSER, Lee Mooyeol, majored in fashion design in 2010 at SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute). After Graduation, He worked for M-Vio’s menswear collection team which is a Samsung Affiliate and launched his own brand “Youser” in 2011

Lee was rewarded second place at the biggest fashion competition, "Korean Fashion Contest", in 2011. During that same year, he was awarded in other contests such as "Doosan" and "Joongang Design". Lee is the creative director of YOUSER and has been the creative director of a contemporary women's brand, 1159STUDIO, since 2017. Lee collaborated with Häagen-Dazs in 2018, designing for Seoul Fashion Week runway show together.

He was nominated as a part of Seoul Fashion Week's top 10 brands by "10 SOUL" during the 2018 S/S season.
In the 2019s/s season, he was awarded the "Young Talent Award" by the Korea Representative at the Berlin Premium Exhibition. He is currently in the final list of the IWP (International Woolmark Prize) competition.

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  • S/S Seoul Fashion Week Seoul Collection
  • S/S Mode Shanghai Exhibition_101 Global Showroom


  • F/W Seoul Fashion Week G/N Show and Off show
  • S/S Mode Shanghai Exhibition_101Global Showroom
  • S/S Chic Shanghai Exhibition
  • S/S Seoul Fashion Week Generation Next
  • Open flagship store at Shinsegae Department
  • S/S New-York Coterie Show


  • S/S Seoul Fashion Week Generation Next
  • S/S New-York Capsule show
  • S/S Paris who’s next


  • Debut 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week


  • 2012f/w WWD magic show


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