• Brand : NOHKE
  • Designer : MI-SEON JEONG

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  • Address : 21, Apgujeong-ro 72-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-517-4875


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  • Tel : 02-517-4875
  • Fax : 02-6280-4875
  • Email : press.nohkej@gmail.com
Being raised under the unique, but liberal environment , she was fond of art such as fine arts and music, as well as the science related subjects like mathematics, biology which required logical thinking. She received a series f awards in several competitions for fine arts, piano, mathematics and sicence.
Fascinated by commercial artists like Muse, Alain de botton, Bernard Werver, Quentin Tarantino and Wachowski in her teenagers, she envisioned a new dream. She could not let go off the moment of sheer shivering, impression and the shock given by a three minute long music by three plain musicians who completely assimilated all the audience that filled Wembley Stadium in London. Recognizing the dreams and impact the art can give to people, as well as the importance of social function in art, she then started to have zeal for displaying her potential in the very field. Especially, she was captivated by the commercial art where it enabled someon to closely interact and communicate with the public to convey the message for the human kind.​
Korean born Nohke studied fashion management course of Yonsei university in Seoul. Whilst stil a student, her works was feaatured in "VOGUE ART TO WEAR AWARD" by VOGUE. After she got her Bachelor's degree in management for fashion industry in Seoul, She planned to study continue for master course of fashion design at fashion school in London. And then, unbelievable event of her lifetime has happened. She attended Trade show in Paris for fun with her portolio prepared for her graduate school, and buyers there literally went wild for her design. Many of them made instant orders to buy her clothes, and it was the moment the brand NOHKE was born.
She had her first show in 2011 during Seoul Fashion week.  The collection was an immediate sucess attracting the attention of the best-known multi-rand & department stores worldwide also Korea like Harvey Nichols, Galleria department store, Shinsegae department store etc.
NOHKE's unique patterns and cuttings are results of her constant experiment and aspirations. She ecen went through human anatomy to come up with better fits, aend she build every single patern for every clothes by herselfin a mathematical way. In fact, she doesn't draw fashion drawing first for design like others. She conceives of design and pattern at the same time and draw pattern first
She will continue her journey with excitement until people from everywhere around the globe can enjoy her design and be filled with fantasy and confidence.​

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  • Shanghai Fashion Week sales campaign 2015 FW collection
  • Seoul's 10 Soul 2015 award
  • 2011~2015 Seoul Fashion Week


  • Collaboration edition with Lotte department store
  • London & Paris Fashion Week sales campaign SS'15 cokkectuib
  • Seoul's 10 Soul 2014 award


  • Launching a collaboration line BLUE LABEL with Lotte Shopping


  • Launching NOHKE Hidden Stage 'Oh My Summer Trunk'
  • Selected Generation Next


  • NOHKE flagship store open


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