• Brand : MAKE:D
  • Designer : MIN-JEONG LEE

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  • Tel : 070-8713-2013


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  • Tel : 070-8713-2013
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Suggests a life style for you who are making a dream a reality. The products of Make:D uses products and are designed by being added by messages regarding dreams to the characteristics of the products so that the dreams can be incessantly remembered.Seeks the both practical and minimalism styles for the 21st century’s digital nomads who are dreaming.
2013.09 the 3th Indi brand fair

2013.09 Tokyo gift show

2013.10 Tokyo designers week (design boom mart)

2013.11 Design week in Daegu

2013.12 Seoul design festival

2014.01 the 3th Korea style week

2014.02 the 24th Suprimium

2014.07 the 4th Indi brand fair

2014.07 the 4th Korea style week

2014.08 CJ E&M KCON 2014(U.S.A_LA)

2014.09 Busan Fashion Week

2014.09 Beijing Design Week(K-wave)

2014.10Daegu fashion fair

2014.12 CJ E&M MAMA K-beauty&fashionshow (H.K)

2015.01 the 5rh Korea Style Week

2015.03H.K Fashion Access

2015.07 the 5th Indi brand fair

2015.08 the 6th Korea style week
2015.10 the 118th Canton Fair -Phase 3

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