• Brand : TERIAT
  • Designer : NARANG KIM
  • www.teriat.com

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  • Address : 46, Eulji-ro 45-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 070-4246-2230


  • Name : 나랑
  • Tel : 070-4246-2230
  • Fax :
  • Email : teriat@naver.com
The brand name TERIAT is inspired by the integrity and spirit of the 20th Century famous racehorse “Secretariat”. It combines high-end sports motifs and casual wear to create a luxurious casual look.
We mainly use details from all objects related to horse or horse-riding as motif.
TERIAT reinterprets the design of existing horse-riding outfit with a unique sensibility into a causal fashion line. By developing various prints and embroideries using all objects related to horse and horse-riding, the brand is not limited to a single genre, but is having a wide variety of designs.

FW is mainly made of leather and suede, which are the major materials used for real horse-riding outfits apart from this, designs are presented in different colors through coloration.
2017. 05. Midnight Special Lecture, Seoul Fashion Occupational Training College
2017. 01. lecturer, Department of Fashion Industry, Yeonsung University
2016. 08. MC, Doota Design Talk Concert
2016. 05. Appearance on GLANCE TV Brand Introduction
2015. 08. Academic Partner of Fashion Department, Incheon Practical Science High School)
2015. 02. Certified Women Enterprise, Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association
2014. 03.TERIAT Launching

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  • 8월
    한국의류산업협회 르돔(ledome) 선정
  • 7월
    하이서울패션 쇼룸(구 차오름) 선정
  • 7월
    네이버 디자이너윈도 팝업
  • 6월
    서울패션 창작스튜디오 DDP팝업
  • 3월
    17F/W 헤라 서울패션위크 디자이너& 영뮤지션 콜라보
  • 3월
    17F/W 서울 패션위크 트레이드쇼 참가(SFCS)


  • 12월
    서울패션창작스튜디오 14기선정
  • 10월
    2017S/S 헤라 서울패션위크 GN참가
  • 3월
    2016F/W 헤라 서울패션위크 GN참가


  • 10월
    강남디자인페스티벌 참가
  • 9월
    AK몰 인디브랜드 페어 참가
  • 8월
    코리아스타일위크 페어 (갈라쇼)
  • 7월
    서울산업진흥원 SBA입주
  • 5월
    인디브랜드페어 (PT쇼)
  • 3월
    중소기업청 마케팅지원사업 선정
  • 1월
    국내 편집샵 및 오프라인 입점. (위즈위드, 에이랜드,w컨셉,두타,힙합퍼등)


  • 5월
    중소기업청 창업맞춤형사업 선정
  • 3월
    TERIAT Launching


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