• Brand : AMONG
  • Designer : WOO JIN ONE
  • www.among-seoul.com

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 146, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-2263-7389


  • Name :
  • Tel : 02-2263-7389
  • Fax : 0505-116-7389
  • Email : renee.kim@spacexstation.com
"Among has respect to the relationship between people :

Someone who wear our clothes,
someone who look at you in our clothes, and us who design them.
The philosophy beneath ‘Among’ is to carry a story which never be trivial nor plain. That is what we want to tell you through our design and products.

Among is a contemporary women’s wear brand with various seasonal concepts.
Launched in 2014, it was created for the young independent woman who is fashion forward but still having own style.
The brand has introduced more and more new styles as we recognize the constant change in the fashion industry.
Each of pieces have an original mix of special details in contemporary shapes & styling.

"-2017 GNS 2018 S/S Seoul, Korea -2017 “Seoul fashion week 2017 F/W The disorder”, Seoul, Korea
-2017 “2017 F/W Coterie”, New York, USA
-2016 Selected as ‘10 Soul’ designers in SFW.
-2016 Seoul fashion week 2017 S/S ‘No medalist’
-2016 Mode Shanghai 2017 S/S
-2016 Daegue fashion fair 2017 S/S
-2016 New York Coterie 2017 S/S
-2016 New York Capsule show 2017 S/S
-2016 Seoul fashion week 2016 F/W ‘NIRVANA’
-2016 New York Coterie 2016 F/W
-2016 RCKT launching
-2015 Seoul fashion week 2016 S/S ‘Declaration of Idiot’
-2015 New York Coterie 2016 S/S
-2015 Shenzhen China International Fashion Brand Fair
-2015 Seoul fashion week 2015 F/W ‘Run boys’
-2014 Daegu fashion fair 2015 S/S
-2014 Seoul fashion week 2015 S/S
-2014 AMONG Launching
-2014 Who’s Next in Paris 2015 S/S
-2011 DDM Trade show 2011 F/W
-2010 ROCKET X LUNCH Launching
-2009 Win a prize for Kyunghee University fashion show
-2009 Win a prize for Doota contest
-2008 Win a prize for Kolon contest"

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  • SS18 트레이드쇼 제너레이션 넥스트 서울 참가
  • FW17 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가
  • FW17 트레이드쇼 제너레이션 넥스트 서울 참가
  • FW17 트레이드쇼 패션코드 서울 참가


  • 서울패션위크 2016F/W 프리뷰
  • 서울 제너레이션 넥스트 2016F/W 참가
  • 서울 제너레이션 넥스트 2017S/S 참가


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