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CORTI is a handbags brand launched in Milan in 2014.
Classic and contemporary, glamour and arty, it is inspired by the different cultures that the two designers – Yusun Jang e
Alessandro Corti – explore during their adventurous travels, their greatest passion. In CORTI collections,
contemporaneity and elegance are blended with colour and vibration, bringing to life a funny glam luxury style:
precious leathers, sophisticated lines and eclectic shapes. Authentic luxury, everyday and ironic, absolutely fashionable.
CORTI expresses a distinctive style, shaped by the talent and intuitions of the two designers, capable of bringing
together the strong aesthetic component of their expressivity with smart functionality and the research of innovative,
high quality materials with a world-class handcraft production, entirely made in Italy.
CORTI inspirations are varied and multi-faceted, originating from the two designers’ love for travel and exploration.
The rigorous geometries of Twentieth century architectures are seamlessly interwoven with pop-art and Seventies glam
rock atmospheres luxurious colour explosions recalling tropical forests meet the urban youth sub-cultures of modern
Asia, creating completely new and harmonic feelings.
Funny glam luxury, a perfect illustration of the colourful creative world of the two designers – a great team at work and
in private life. Yusun and Alessandro are launching CORTI after a consolidated experience of more than 10 years in the
design of fashion accessories (Yusun) and architecture (Alessandro).  

Yusun Jang was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1981. She lives in Milan since 2002. Her aesthetic dimension is rooted
to the contemporary culture of the Far East and contaminated by the lush and multi-coloured atmospheres of
Mediterranean Europe. Yusun’s creative process is fawless and vivid, clean and yet full of imagination.
A perfect balance between her native culture’s determination and formality and the forid creativity of Italy,the country
that she loves and where she lives since more than ten years.As a consequence,her creations merge together a sober
eastern elegance and a pulsating vivacity, rich in colours and funny details. Yusun graduated in textile designing in
Soon after she moved to Italy and studied at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, where she completed a fashion accessories
masters postgraduate course.
She was awarded the “wave design information” prize for best design/coordination at the "62 expo riva schuh” (a
window into the future) contest, and then started to collaborate for over 10 years with some of the most prestigious
international fashion brands, including John Richmond, MCM Worldwide and Etro, building up experience and
technique. She is now collaborating with several important Italian and international brands, in the design of handbags
and jewels.
Alessandro Corti was born in Varese, Italy, in 1983, and lives in Milan. His background is completely unconventional
and non-orthodox for the fashion industry: after graduating in architecture and engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he
worked for several years at a renowned Milan-based architecture frm.
He then started his own frm and construction company.
He gradually steps into the world of fashion during the course of his relationship with Yusun – she involves him
emotionally, sharing her passion with him, inspiring him to let his creativity fow in the co-designing of her fashion
accessories.Alessandro fnds and marks his own style: very rigorous at frst glance, it also shows the slightly crazy side
of his personality, leading to a very attractive and surprising result. He cultivates his inspiration through his greatest
passions: travelling, music and arts.

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