• Designer : JaeMyung LEE
  • www.blindreason.com

Showroom Contact

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  • Tel : 070-4481-1004


  • Name : 이재명
  • Tel : 070-4481-1002
  • Fax : 02-712-0503
  • Email : jay@blindreason.com

"A Manifest of Distinction"

We were born and lived in the conventional stereotyping fashion industry.

The industry has repetitively forced meaningless and forged Fashion upon the common people.

We aspired to break the vicious cycle and provide a fashion playground full of creativity and quality which will enable individualsto finally express their indentity.​ 

Educational background

2004_SADI(Samsung Arts and design Institute)bachelor's degree of Communication design

2013_Hongik graduate school of film and degital media/ master's degree of Production design


Work experience

2004-2011_Samsung electronics Visual display division / User experience design

2012~Now_Principal designer of Monday morning Inc.fashion brand "blindreason"

2016_2016SS Seoul fashion week collection show/ selected for Generation next​ 

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