• Brand : I ANNMORE
  • Designer : Kang Yeon Jeong
  • www.iannmore.com

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 20, Hannam-daero 42ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : +82 2-556-4572


  • Name : 이예지
  • Tel : +82 2-556-4572
  • Fax : +82 2-556-4572
  • Email : jeong0731@hanmail.net
Iannmore is a contemporary casual brand that seeks to present unique, cutting-edge products with a hint of wit, primarily through one-of-a-kind prints and hand-drawn illustrations.
Designed and produced in Seoul, South Korea, Iannmore's unique reinterpretation of classical elements with a fun, casual twist has attracted much attention and praise in the fashion industry.

Our motto has always been It's fun!’

Every season Iannmore's chief designer selects
a muse - both real and imagined –
who best reflects that season's chosen theme.

The goal of Iannmore's design team has always been to meet the needs of woman of all ages, who simply want to feel their best and express themselves through their choice of attire.
Launched in September 2012, the brand's founder has previously worked for many well-known national fashion brands such as BNX, LEWIT and is currently serving as Iannmore's Chief Designer and Director.
One of her main objectives as the chief Designer has always been developing and maintaining the brand identity, by focusing on print fabrics and patterns with hand-drawn illustrations.
After the launch of a Iannmore, She received the Top Award at the excellent brand fashion show organized by the Small and Mid-size Business Association and was also named among the Best brands in the women's wear section at the 3rd annual S-Partners Awards hosted by Shinsegae Department store.
Her winning streak continues this year as the up-and-coming designer with several awards and accolades, such as the World Star Designer by WSD (WSD hosted by the Koran fashion Association).

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  • 9월
    뉴욕 코트리 쇼 전시회 참가예정
  • 6월
    트렁크쇼 입점
  • 6월
    갤러리아 백화점 명품관 팝업스토어 오픈
  • 5월
    현대시티몰 가든파이브점 EACH 입점 더 쇼룸(The showroom) 일산 벨라시타 및 중국 지점 입점
  • 4월
    WSD <월드스타디자이너 프로젝트>에 선정
  • 4월
    캐쉬스토어 온/오프라인 입점 101Global 입점
  • 3월
    ㈜미샤 커밍스텝 매장 입점 (위탁판매)
  • 3월
    중국 상해 CHIC 패션 전시회 참가
  • 2월
    LEDOM 입점
  • 아이앤모어로 브랜드 리뉴얼


  • 심천 국제 브랜드페어 참가


  • 3월
    신세계백화점 강남점 단독매장 입점


  • 12월
    신세계백화점 제 3회 S-Partners 여성복 부문 최우수브랜드 선정
  • 1월
    2014 S/S 코리아스타일위크 부스전시 및 패션쇼 참가


  • 10월
    2014 S/S 서울패션위크 부스전시 참가
  • 9월
    제 3회 인디브랜드페어 부스전시 및 패션쇼
  • 2월
    압구정 편집매장 PLUSBEAU 입점
  • 2013 S/S 코리아스타일위크 부스전시 및 패션쇼 참가 최우수상 수상(우수브랜드 패션쇼)


  • 11월
    한남동 앤모어 쇼룸 오픈
  • 9월
    두타 신진디자이너 창업관 입점
  • 9월
    앤모어 런칭


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