• Brand : MYMYMY
  • Designer : stella.j Park
  • www.mymymy.kr

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 6, Sadang-ro 29ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-558-8549


  • Name : 박지선
  • Tel : 010-7402-8182
  • Fax : 0507-087-8182
  • Email : jspark1014@hotmail.com
MYMYMY is a modern contemporary jewellery brand.

The MYMYMY team are inspired by so many beautiful things – art, nature, love, friendship, and above all, travel, we’re all big travel fans here –and often little details of what we’ve been inspired by will filter through into our edit of the Collection. We love comparing how street-styling trends vary from country to country and reporting back on what’s new.

We also love individuality and never tire of seeing how our friends and customers choose to put different pieces together to create their own statement. It’s also why we choose to sell Mismatched earrings – so you can really mix it up and customize, knowing that no one else will have styled it quite like you.
stella.j Park
- Central Saint Martins College of Art&Design Jewelry design(BA)
- Kookmin University Jewelry design centre
- AndreKim Jewelry company / GS e-store fashion reporter
WOLGOK Jewelry research centre guest researcher

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  • 코리아스타일위크 참여
  • 갤러리아(수원/천안/진주) 팝업스토어


  • 신세계 센텀시티 팝업스토어
  • 신세계백화점 S-스타트업 우수상품전
  • DDP 차오름 쇼룸 입점


  • (주)코오롱 커먼그라운드 입점


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