• Brand : EENK
  • Designer : Hyemee Lee
  • www.eenk.co.kr

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  • Address : 74, Sowol-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 070-8733-2237


  • Name : 이민지
  • Tel : 010-5041-0010
  • Fax :
  • Email : info@eenk.co.kr
EENK was created by designer Lee Hyemee, beloved for her boldness and passion which crosses from fashion to art to lifestyle. EENK has launched ‘The Letter Project’ which presents unique design items with keywords designated for each alphabet letter from A to Z.

Saving A for the finale, EENK has so far presented B for Beanie, C for Clutch, D for Dal-ring, E for Earring, F for Fedora, G for Gold, H for Handbag, I for Iphonecase and has expanded the category to RTW with concepts I for Indigo & J for Jean as a capsule collection in 2017. Presenting a runway show on Seoul Fashion Week (Generation Next) with K for Knit collection in 18FW, the brand has acheived international awareness. L for Letter & M for Marine collection was presented in 19SS. The Letter Project will continue until it hits Z, and then will come back to A to present a total archive exhibition of EENK - A for All, A for Archive.

In the age of fast fashion and endless cycles of trends, EENK aims to bring collectibles instead of disposables into our client’s personal archives. Each season we move on to the next letter to inspire the new collection, presenting new concepts and items, keeping the brand exciting and inspiring all the time. While our pieces look into the curiosities of the moment, they have the unmistakable taste of the designer’s classic vintage sensibility.
Hyemee Lee has an exciting and diverse background as a designer. Her career ranges through women's wear & men's wear, children's wear, textile, and accessories. Her designs have no boundaries within fashion categories and naturally reflect her extensive experiences as a designer.

Hyemee has always been up to challenge for new adventures, and her never-ending curiosity and passion led her to create 'EENK', a project group inspired by images and messages brought to life for each letter of the alphabet.

Hyemee is currently the owner and creative director of the EENK 'Letter Project' and will continue presenting unexpected, unconventional color to fashion, living and everywhere with her EENK designs.

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