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"Hello, we are FAÇADE PATTERN.
We started to give shape to our brand, whose motive came from words such as home, comfortableness and architecture. The determination “Let’s make clothes like home!” was our brand’s first sketch. Home is cozy and practical. It’s also a place to rest, a fount of inspiration and an area of healing.
No matter how exciting the first moment of traveling is, there comes a point where you miss home. The same goes for clothes, we think. Because people are tired of ever-changing fashion, lots of their clothes disappear to be stuck inside of the dark closet. What we'd like to make is 'the clothes that are suitable to wear every day without discomfort, that is to say the clothes your hand
naturally reaches to first right after you open the closet door'.

We are going to embrace four values.

The first one is 'essence'. The best food is what can make people feel its natural taste without too much seasoning, and good ingredients are necessary for that. Likewise, great clothes can be made with only good materials keeping their characters and shapes.

The second one is 'comfort'. We think that 'clothes' are the minimal place where people stay. We will design 'comfortable moments' where people can feel happiness in a small place called clothes.

The third one is' conciseness'. FAÇADE PATTERN would like to define design as 'a courage to reduce'. We hope to create products that our customers think of as 'wonderful' and 'beautiful' by properly harmonizing simple and plain designs with functionality.

The last one is 'honesty'. Fashion, that is to say people's tastes, changes fast along with the trend of the age, but we think that a brand's own value and belief must be unchanged. We promise ourselves we will create clear, concise, user-driven and ever-satisfying designs."

" Our value is loving what we do.
It says that people feel the greatest satisfaction from expressing themselves through creative activities.
This satisfaction is delivered as it is to consumers, then their quality of lives are improved and their happiness increase as well.
Feeling fluttered, we produce value, people consume the value with pleasure. Then it gets stronger has its own sensitivity.
Sensitivities join together and a desire for value gets bigger. It's the time when the contemporary modernism repeatedly evolves."

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