• Brand : NAMUHANA
  • Designer : HYUN JUNG, JEON
  • www.namuhana.com

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 39, Dosan-daero 83-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-3442-7567


  • Name : 이범준
  • Tel : 010-4493-2992
  • Fax :
  • Email : lbjun@namuhana.com
"Contemporary Elegance
Every year, NAMUHANA plans by color sensibility palette and creates contrasting design theme of "mix 'n' match"
'NAMUHANA' now is one of the most popular contemporary and elegance designer shoe brand in Korea."

" She fell in love shoes, became a shoesholic while her life in US was so down to earth with her job after graduating from college, majored in accounting.

One day, she was so confident, she can end up as a great shoes designer, decided to become one.

She put her life aside in the US came back to Korea, worked at a small handcrafted shoe factory in Seongsu-dong for experience.

Based on her years of experience in field with knowledge, she opened her own designer shoes brand name NAMUHANA

She now is in the field with customers, enjoying her life as a NAMUHANA's brand persona and driving motive."

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  • Launching in GALLERIA DPT. at Cheon-an, KOREA


  • Launching in SHINSEGAE DPT. at ha-nam, KOREA
  • Launching in SHINSEGAE DPT. at Kyung-gi, KOREA


  • Launching in SHINSEGAE DPT. at BUSAN, KOREA


  • Launching Scalzo.j by NAMUHANA
  • Launching in SHINSEGAE DPT. head shop at Myungdong, SEOUL


  • Launching on LOTTE Homeshopping


  • Launching in SHINSEGAE DPT. at Gangnam, SEOUL


  • Launching 'JI BY NAMUHANA' with Hyunjung Ji
  • Launching 'JUSTLIKEHAN BY NAMUHANA' with Hyejin Han


  • Launching 'JIWOO plant NAMUHANA' with Jiwoo Choi


  • Participated in 'Premiere Classe' Fair in Paris


  • Open NAMUHANA Flagship store at Cheongdam, SEOUL


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