• Designer : JINWON WOO

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 18, Dosan-daero 15-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 02-2263-7389


  • Name : 김은혜
  • Tel : 02-2263-7389
  • Fax : 0505-116-7389
ROCKET X LUNCH produces 4 seasonal women and men’s collections annually. Since the first debut show at Seoul Fashion week, the brand presents its collections in Seoul and New york every season. Participating in the annual fair held in Newyork and other cities continuously, the brand steadily increases its performance in terms of the export volume and the sales in the domestic as well as overseas market including I.T, Zalora, AU PONT ROUGE and so on.

In Rocket x Lunch fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with vivid color blocking and humorous details.
Rocket x Lunch can be worn by real women and men on the street. The brand is known not only for its wearable design and reasonable price, but also for its distinctive identity. Bursting with bright colors, bold patterns, and layered textures, these immersive collections are the work of South Korean fashion designer Jinwon Woo. He knows how to find right point between contemporary trends and its own brand identity.
Rocket x Lunch is loud, colorful, carefree, playful and consciously naive. The brand will become not only a focal point for fashionistas, but for people who eager to be in fashion all over the world.

'-2018 WHO' NEXT 2019 S/S, Paris, France -2018 CIFF 2019 S/S, Copenhagen, Denmark -2018 GNS 2018 F/W ' How to go home', Seoul, Korea
-2017 GNS 2018 S/S 'Hitchhiker’s Guide To The City' , Seoul, Korea -2017 “Seoul fashion week 2017 F/W The disorder”, Seoul, Korea
-2017 “2017 F/W Coterie”, New York, USA
-2016 Selected as ‘10 Soul’ designers in SFW.
-2016 Seoul fashion week 2017 S/S ‘No medalist’
-2016 Mode Shanghai 2017 S/S
-2016 Daegue fashion fair 2017 S/S
-2016 New York Coterie 2017 S/S
-2016 New York Capsule show 2017 S/S
-2016 Seoul fashion week 2016 F/W ‘NIRVANA’
-2016 New York Coterie 2016 F/W
-2016 RCKT launching
-2015 Seoul fashion week 2016 S/S ‘Declaration of Idiot’
-2015 New York Coterie 2016 S/S
-2015 Shenzhen China International Fashion Brand Fair
-2015 Seoul fashion week 2015 F/W ‘Run boys’
-2014 Daegu fashion fair 2015 S/S
-2014 Seoul fashion week 2015 S/S
-2014 AMONG Launching
-2014 Who’s Next in Paris 2015 S/S
-2011 DDM Trade show 2011 F/W
-2010 ROCKET X LUNCH Launching
-2009 Win a prize for Kyunghee University fashion show
-2009 Win a prize for Doota contest
-2008 Win a prize for Kolon contest

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  • “Seoul fashion week 2017 FW The disorder”, Seoul, Korea
  • SS18 트레이드쇼 제너레이션 넥스트 서울 참가, '히치하이커 가이드 투더 씨티'
  • FW17 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가


  • SS17 서울패션위크 참가, 노 메달리스트
  • 트레이드쇼 모드 상하이 참가
  • 트레이드쇼 대구 패션페어 참가
  • SS17 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가
  • SS17 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 캡슐쇼 참가
  • FW16 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가
  • FW16 서울패션위크 참가
  • 세컨 레이블 “RCKT” 런칭


  • SS16 서울패션위크 참가
  • SS16 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가
  • 트레이드쇼 선전 차이나 패션브랜드페어 참가
  • FW15 서울패션위크 참가
  • 트레이드쇼 코리아스타일위크 참가
  • SS15 서울패션위크 참가


  • SS15 트레이드쇼 대구 패션페어 참가
  • SS15 트레이드쇼 파리 후즈넥스트 참가


  • SS18 트레이드쇼 제너레이션 넥스트 서울 참가, 히치하이커 가이드 투더 씨티
  • FW17 서울패션위크 참가, The disorder
  • FW17 트레이드쇼 뉴욕 코트리 참가
  • 오사카 K-패션 트레이드쇼 참가


  • 트레이드쇼 베이징 시크쇼 참가


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