• Brand : PANACHE
  • Designer : Cha Sunyoung
  • www.pbypanache.com

Showroom Contact

  • Address : 19, Dosan-daero 67-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel : 82+2-3445-7756


  • Name : 김경미
  • Tel : 82+10-3135-6081
  • Fax :
  • Email : esteem.km@gmail.com
P by PANACHE, a fashion jewelry line from designer Cha Sunyoung began with Jonathan Saunders’s London Fashion Week 07S/S runway jewelry production in the year she graduated from London’s Central St. Martins.

Beginning with the first collection in 2009, it was awarded the reputation of combining the delicate three-dimensional power of the design that started with fine jewelry and delightful imagination into fashion jewelry, and was selected as the Korean collaboration brand in Swarovski's 120th anniversary event ’Swarovski Heritage Exhibition’, which was held in 2016.

As a member of the Jewelry Project Group, The Showcase Lab, which was formed in 2013, projects such as 10 Corso Como Seoul, Korea National Ballet, Ensemble Ditto and others were conducted.
It was noticed that KBS drama starring Han Ji-hye, which was aired in 2014, became known as a real model of jewelry designer and brand of "Beyond the Clouds".

As Panache has a sense of 'plumage on a helmet', the source of inspiration comes from the amours of the middle ages. The cold strength of the helmet, the splendid and sophisticated workmanship, and the softness of the feathers ... Panache's jewelry with delicacy and boldness can now be found in over 20 stores around the world, including Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, The Galleria, and Shinsegye Department Store in Seoul.
2010: P by PANACHE launching
2009: PANACHE fine jewellery launching
2007 : S/S London Fashion Week -runway jewellery design
2006 : freelancer Designer, Signity Watch Project- The third prize
2006 : freelancer Designer, Swarovski ‘Street Styles
-Modern Tribes’ Project-The second prize
2004 : freelancer Designer, British Art Medal Society’s Medal Project-The award-winning art piece was purchased and now house at the British Museum.
2003-2006 : Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

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  • 3월
    트라노이쇼 -2017 F/W_‘Curve’ collection
  • 2월
    런던패션위크-2017 F/W_‘Curve’ collection


  • 11월
    스와로브스키 헤리티지 전시회 : 쇼피스 디자인
  • 10월
    패션코드 2017 S/S_‘Lost In Paradise’ collection
  • 10월
    모드샹하이 2017 S/S_‘Lost In Paradise’ collection
  • 9월
    트라노이쇼 2017 S/S_‘Lost In Paradise’ collection
  • 3월
    트라노이쇼 2016 S/S_‘cupids arrow’ collection
  • 1월
    프리미어 클라쎄 파리 2016 S/S_‘cupids arrow’ collection


  • 9월
    프리미어 클라쎄 파리 2015 F/W_‘marron’collection


  • 피 바이 파나쉬 론칭


  • 파나쉬 론칭


  • 런던패션위크 Jonathan Saunders ‘07 S/S 런웨이 주얼리 제작


  • 프리랜서 디자이너- Signity Watch Project ‘Time 2006’ 수상(런던)
  • 프리랜서 디자이너-Swarovski ‘Street Styles- Modern Tribes’ Project 3등상(런던)


  • 프리랜서 디자이너- British Art Medal Society’s Student Medal Project- 2등상 수상


  • 2003~2006 세인트 센트럴 마틴 재학 및 졸업


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